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Starting Your Own Business

Want to start your own business? Our startup guide will put you on the fast track and provide you with a clear roadmap to small business success! If you're thinking of starting a business, this best-selling guide will educate you with what to expect and start by providing a complete personal evaluation to see if entrepreneurship is right for you. Let's be honest, owning a business isn't for everyone. It takes courage to admit that but even more courage to reach within and begin the journey to becoming your own boss.

The SBA guide is an essential resource that will walk you through every aspect of starting a business, from finding a great idea to serving your first customers. More importantly, it will differentiate what "should" be done (e.g. writing a business plan) from what "must" be done (e.g. choosing your business structure) so you can spend your time working on the right tasks.

With an easy to understand approach, the SBA Guide makes it simple to master even the most complicated business issues so you can quickly and confidently join America's proud group of business owners. Getting an MBA may help with business strategy and analytics but the SBA guide will give you an advantage with real life decisions and fast business startup. The SBA Small Business Guide resource includes:

  • How to find a great business idea
  • How to evaluate your idea for success potential
  • What registrations and licenses you need to make it legal
  • Where to find funding for your business
  • Expert guidance on marketing and launching your business
  • Guided action plans for every topic

The SBA Small Business Guide features an outlined, easy-to-read format with specific steps and measureable goals so you can put your plan in action today.

Conduct a Reality Check

Before you begin this journey, it's important to understand that business ownership is not for everyone. You must be brutally honest with yourself and conduct a personal evaluation before you get into something that may not be right for you. Take the first step and see if Entrepreneurship is Right For You.